How to watch UFC online for free

MMA fans worldwide are always excited about the upcoming fights. It’s always amusing to watch the fighters enter the octagon, and fight against each other. These are events anyone who likes the UFC wouldn’t like to miss, mainly because most of the time they’re epic!

For these cases, using cable channels or sports streaming services may look like the best option. However, it isn’t always the case, and maybe you have been tricked into thinking that. When you use the mentioned options, you still have to deal with problems such as blackouts. Some events are only available for a particular region, meaning that if you don’t live there, you won’t be allowed to watch it.

If you want to enjoy a UFC stream while at the same time save some money, there are more cheap options you can use. These are excellent, especially because you don’t have to deal with annoying restrictions.

Watching the UFC can be costly

Many fans of the UFC share a common problem. They are unable to watch the fights because the tickets are hugely expensive (and despite that, they’re still sold quickly), and for some people, that’s out of the list. Maybe paying for cable TV or using a streaming service will solve the problem, but that’s not the case for some.

Even if pay-per-view is way cheaper than attending the fight, it still can affect your finances. Also, most of the time, you’re not even able to watch the entire fight due to blackouts.

Other fans are out of the country, and for them, these channels may not be available. It’s a bit disappointing to miss the fight of the year. Well, there are individual options you can use still to watch one of the most significant events of the year. These include the following:

  • Using an alternative streaming service – It’s already been discussed that streaming services may be costly, but you may possess some of them already. It’s easy to watch the UFC if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV or UFC TV.
  • Using a VPN – It’s possible to avoid blackouts. If you’re already using the UFC streaming service, you can choose a location free from blackouts in your preferred VPN service and done! You can watch the whole fight.
  • Using online channels – These channels are for free, but it’ll be hard to find a reliable one. However, one of the best online channels is this website. It’s accessible from any device at any time.


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