How to watch MotoGP online in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the world in innumerable ways, and sports were just one of the many sectors of society that were deeply affected by it. Due to this, several MotoGP races were rescheduled, and they began happening last September 13.

So, how do you watch all these events from your country? Here you have some options to stream MotoGP from any location or device.

MotoGP Streams outside your country

In most cases, you can find streams from countries like UK, Australia and the US. However, if you try to access these services from a different country, your region might likely be geo-blocked. In these, the best option to overcome this issue is to use a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN allows you to “simulate” a different location by changing your IP address. It can be a different state or a different country. This allows you to bypass geo-block restrictions that most streaming services may have.

How to stream MotoGP in the UK

BT Sport is in charge of covering the Grand Prix this year, so UK fans can use this subscription service to watch this exciting event. Bt Sport is available in Android and iOS, as well as other services.

You may not want to pay the full cost of a TV Package. However, now BT Sports has launched a Monthly Pass, which has a cost of £25 per month. You’re free to cancel any time.

How to stream MotoGP in the US

As usual, MotoGP is covered by NBC. You can visit the NBC Sports website to access it, but you must provide the information about your TV provider. Another option for people who reside in the United States is using Sling TV. Sling TV costs you less than cable and offers free trials for all new customers.

How to stream MotoGP in Canada

In Canada, Fans can watch MotoGP in beIN Sports. It comes as a part of a TV package, but it’s also possible to purchase a monthly subscription so you can stream in multiple devices. It costs CA $14.95 a month.

Online Channels

There’s also another option if you don’t want to pay for any of the above. While the use of a VPN is still recommended, you can watch all the MotoGP races for free by using specific online channels, like this website.

It’s straightforward to watch the races, and you can access the channel whenever you want, with no restrictions.


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