How to stream Rugby Online

Rugby is one of the oldest sports that are still practiced in the modern-day. It combines physical skills with intensity and attracts millions of fans. Most Rugby Networks are costly, which is why many people opt for other options. Here you have some Rugby stream options, so you don’t lose any game!

NBC Universal Channel

NBC offers a streaming service for American fans. You can watch the majority of rugby tournaments through this network, but if you live outside the US, you must use a virtual private network based in the USA to have access to this content.

Fox Sports

Unlike NBC, Fox Sports can be accessed from any location. There are more perks if you opt for using this option, such as live updates. You can watch all rugby games via the Fox Sports app or by visiting Fox Sports’ website.


For British fans, there are a few options too. In the UK, sports networks can be costly, especially the official rugby channels. However, there are some cheaper options, like ITV. Not only you will be able to watch ruby, but also other sports. This channel is entirely free; you don’t need to worry about paying for subscriptions. However, it’s recommended having a good internet connection so you can stream the matches in HD.

Spark New Zealand

Fans from New Zealand can watch Rugby matches via Spark New Zealand. It is one of the most significant broadcasting networks in NZ. Although it is a subscription channel, it’s cheaper than most of the already mentioned options, and most of the time, discounts are offered.


ESPN always covers the Rugby World Cup, meaning that you can easily watch it with no cost. You can watch other sports here, such as wrestling and soccer. It can be accessed from any country around the globe.

VPN Services

In some areas, it’s impossible to have access to rugby championships. It’s possible to watch them via online channels with the help of a Virtual Private Network or VPN. A VPN allows you to bypass the regional block, so you can watch any content that usually would be blocked in your location. Also, using a VPN provide more security to your connection. Some excellent VPN services are ExpressVPN, IPVanish and Panda VPN.

Online channels are some of the best options to access any sports online since they’re available 24/7, and there are no restrictions, like geo-block.


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