How to stream MLB online

In the past, Major League Baseball games were exclusive to TV networks and radio stations. However, people are now looking for more options nowadays. Thanks to technology’s advances, it is possible to watch baseball online without needing cable, or a satellite subscription.

Read on to find out what are the best ways you can use to stream MLB online from any location. The options listed also allow you to avoid blackouts!

Another simple way of streaming MLB games online is buying an subscription. This network belongs to the official league. To have access to the content, you must pay for the subscription fee, which varies from $24.99 monthly and $59.99 yearly. also allows you to follow a particular team throughout the whole season, for a price of $49.99 per year. It’s a paid streaming service, meaning that you can stream in high quality and enjoy of other features, like streaming up to four games at the same time, and more.

However, unlike online channels, MLB is still limited to regional blackouts. So, even if you purchase the subscription, you will only have access to the games available in your region. This also means you will only have access to the games 90 minutes after they finish.

Despite this huge disadvantage, you can have access to other features, like streaming old games, live playoffs and World Series games.

Blackouts can be avoided by using a VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPN allow you to access the internet as if you were in another location. This makes you able to bypass blackout restrictions, meaning that you can watch any game even if it doesn’t have coverage in your area.

Using a VPN not only grants you more privacy while navigating through the web. You can use a VPN to bypass the previously mentioned restrictions and have access to all the games unavailable in your location.

Some of the best VPN services out there are Panda VPN and ExpressVPN, but that depends on your tastes. Both options are available for mobile and computer devices!

Online Channels

It’s possible to find online channels that continuously stream games. Some of these websites are unreliable, though, and are fulfilled with ads, trackers and malware. However, not all the sites are like that, and you can find some great MLB streams where you can watch all the games for free, with no restrictions.

One of the best examples is this website, where you can watch all MLB games at any time.


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