How to Stream F1/Formula 1 in 2020

The Formula 1 season is already here. Significant races are waiting for you if everything goes well, let’s not forget we’re still fighting against coronavirus and preventive measurements have been taken.

Whoever your favorite racer is, you may be excited to watch the new season. There are multiple ways to stream F1 in 2020; some of them are paid services while others are free. Read on to find out all the options you have for Formula 1 Stream.

F1 TV Pro and F1 TV Access

An official streaming service has been launched by Liberty Media. It has been around for some years now, and you can access F1 this year there too. You will also have access to other useful information, and the content is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French and German.

You can watch F1 TV and F1 TV Pro from any device with access to a compatible browser. However, you can also download their respective apps in iOS and Android Devices.

You’ll have to pay a subscription fee that varies, depending on the country you’re from.

Some people may find trouble accessing these services due to geo-blocking problems. It is possible to avoid geo-block by using VPN services, like ExpressVPN or Panda VPN. These apps are available for mobile devices as well, granting you access to the F1 stream from anywhere you’d like.

How to watch F1 in the USA

People from the USA are able to stream Formula 1 via ESPN. These days, you don’t need cable to broadcast ESPN. There are multiple subscription services that come with ESPN, like Sling TV, which costs you $30 per month. It’s a cheap way and grants you access to Formula 1 at any time.

Don’t want to pay a subscription fee? Try online channels

There are more options for people who prefer not paying a subscription fee. Either because they can’t afford it or just because they don’t want to add another expense to their list, you can use online channels for Formula 1 stream.

Online channels can be accessed from any device, and at any time. They’re free, and unlike most people believe, it is possible to find non-shady websites with high-quality streaming.

This website grant you full access to F1 streams. It is highly recommended to use a VPN to access websites of this kind.


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