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        MT-Optics,Inc. can provide Metal Coated Mirror,Dielectric Coated Mirror and Dichroic Mirror which are made of substrate such as BK7, Fused Silica, CaF2 and so on.

      • 金屬反射鏡(鋁,銀,銅)

        Metal coated Mirrors are usually coated with Al, Ag or Au and they are have different reflectivity in different wavelength rang. Kinds of material, size with metal coated are available from MT-Optics,..

      • 介質反射鏡

        Dielectric Mirrors are coated with dielectric High reflectivity coating, their reflectivity are higher than metal mirrors. Usually they can be used in laser system with high energy reflecting.Specific..

      • 二色鏡

        Dichroic Mirrors are coated with high reflecting at one wavelength and high transmission at another wavelength. Kinds of material, size with dichroic coating are available from MT-Optics,Inc.Specifica..

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